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"Paul Aquirre is, without a doubt, the best contractor we have ever worked with. The only thing better than his work is his word.  And his work is impeccable.  We did a complete interior remodel with Paul’s company. We were acquaintances when we began. We were friends when the job was completed.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never had that kind of an experience with a contractor ever, except for Paul.  He’s someone I’d recommend to a friend."

Miller Residence

"Paul did a remodeling job for my wife and I last year while we were living in our second home in Jackson, Wyoming. Paul did a fantastic job with communicating and keeping me up-to-date on a regular basis with photos of the progress. We were thoroughly impressed not only with how quickly it took to do the job but how beautiful it was in the end. The quality and craftsmanship is amazing. I find myself telling my neighbors and friends on a regular basis what an excellent job Paul did for us"

Ambler Residence

"Working with QC Quality Construction and Paul Aguirre has been a pleasure, Paul is by far the best construction company that I've ever worked with. It's absolutely key to have the right communication with the whole team. I've been working with Paul on high end projects for quite some time. His crew is extremely detail oriented and Paul is always thorough when implementing my designs. I highly recommend Paul for all your contracting needs."

Doug Ely, Architect

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